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My name is Thamare Rejouis

Welcome to the visual symphony of my creative journey! With a passion for photography that spans eight years, I've captured moments that breathe life into pixels. As a seasoned graphic designer, I've woven brand identities for small businesses, nonprofits, and titans of industry. This amalgamation of photography, videography, and design transforms my website into a visual wonderland—a one-stop-shop where your every visual need finds its muse. Let's embark on a visual adventure together!

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A little more about me

I'm a New York-based photographer, graphic designer, and more recently, a videographer. With over 8 years of photography experience, I've honed my skills through a combination of formal education and self-learning, finding particular joy in studio photography. As a natural motivator, I naturally delved into videography.

Holding a BFA in Graphic Design from Queens College, I've collaborated with nonprofits, general hospitals, and numerous small businesses. My work spans creating logos, online visuals, flyers, web design, and fulfilling all their print needs. Let's create something visually stunning together!

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Fact 1

I was born in Haiti and moved to the US when I was 10. Even at a young age, I knew I was meant to work as an artist.


Fact 2

My journey began with a studio art degree and a passion for painting. I find that painting is the most effective way to relieve stress and step away from the computer.


Fact 3

One of the best ways to practice photography and videography is by traveling! Capturing memories of diverse cultures, exquisite cuisine, and beautiful people feels incredibly artistic.


Fact 4

Lately, I've been overseeing social media platforms for non-profit organizations and personal businesses, creating visually appealing graphics and images that convey a clear and compelling message.